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Brothers of Charity - Mission Statement


Corporate Guiding Principles

The Brothers of Charity Services have adopted the following statement of vision and mission to guide their work.

Vision - “Working together we seek to create supports and to shape communities where the people we support are valued and equal citizens” (March 2022)

Our Vision is that which guides the organisation. It is the ideal and comes from truly seeing the need. Vision is held in the heart and it lends energy and provides both inspiration and direction in day to day decision making and overall strategy.

Mission Statement

“We are an inclusive, progressive organisation committed to the people we support and their right to lead full and valued lives as equal citizens. Inspired by the ethos of the Brothers of Charity we promote the values of dignity and respect for each person. (March 2022).

Our Mission Statement is a written declaration of our core purpose and focus and clearly states who we serve, how we serve, and what we strive to achieve.

Nov 2022