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Brothers of Charity - Published Research

University of Illinois at Chicago; Sibling Care Research

Psychological Research (NUIG & Michagan State University): Co-morbidity in Children & Adolescents with Down Syndrome

Published in 2013:

"A Way to Grow": An Eidetic Model of Growth for Intellectual Disability; Akhtar Ali Syed, Brothers of Charity Services South East, Journal of Mental Imagery; Volume 36, No. 3 & 4 Fall/Winter 2012, (this was not published until February 2013)

This paper presents "A Way to Grow": An Eidetic Model of Growth for Intellectual Disability. This model is based on the philosophical tenets of Eidetic Psychotherapy and their applications in learning (e.g., Ahsen, 1968, 1993). Based on the ISM (Image-Somatic response-Meaning) triple code model of imagery (Ahsen, 1984a; Hochman,2002), "A Way to Grow" addresses behavioural problems and emotional conflicts and enhances the participation of individuals with ID in productive activities. It utilizes a two-pronged approach: first, to create an environment in which individual growth is possible, leading to improved life functioning and independent community living; and second, to address experiential and emotional problems in the lives of people with ID thorough eidetic techniques that are suitable and convenient not only for use by frontline staff in services for people with ID, but also by parents and teachers.

Capacity to consent to sexual activity in adults with intellectual disability: an evaluation of the influence of a relationship and sexuality programme.

Elaine Rogers

(To be presented at the P.S.I Conference, November 9th, 2013)
Service Users’ involvement in the Frontline Staff Recruitment Process.

Elizabeth Phelan

(Completed in May, 2013.)